Hi, I’m Jasmine. And this is cooking in a nutshell for me –> Curious. Hobby. and Novice.

I am curious about cooking and finding and trying new foods. My mom is a great cook and I grew up watching her in the kitchen- now that I am older, I am making an attempt at the culinary arts. My travels have exposed me to different styles of cuisine and tastes that I am constantly trying to recreate. I tend to get lost in cookbooks and cooking magazines trying to find new techniques, recipes and ideas.

Cooking is my edible hobby. I have fun cooking for others and enjoy eating long meals after spending the time to prepare them. Nutrition is important to me so I am always reading up on green eating and tend to experiment with fruits and vegetables. I love produce departments and tend to spend way too much time in grocery stores.

And I am a novice chef- no self-proclaimed professional here. I seldom use exact measurements and usually cook everything to taste. This is really just a place to chronicle my favorite dishes, so-

take it with a grain of salt. and pepper.

Bon appetit!