I have become a crafting machine!

I recently moved into a new apartment and have been doing so many little DIY projects. Not just because it’s a cheaper way to decorate, but I feel so much more accomplished after making something than just buying it.

My most recent creation is a burlap pin board, (not) ironically inspired via Pinterest. I transformed an old, plain pin board into a decorative, focal point for my bedroom.

All I used was burlap, a staple gun, and decorative tacks!

staple gun for burlap pin board

And yes, I now own a staple gun. One of the best purchases I’ve made. Bring on the Pinterest projects!

tacks for burlap pin board

Cut a large piece of burlap, sized to your pin board. Place your pin board, face down, on top of the burlap and pull the edges tight.

Staple the fabric into the edge of the board. Be sure you’re pulling tight! If you don’t the fabric will sag in the front.

burlap pin board edges

Once you’ve stapled all the way around you can get creative with how you want to decorate the front. I used decorative tacks and hammered them around the frame of the board.

burlap pin board

burlap pin board before pictures

You can use ribbon or fancy string to create slips for papers and pictures. I used silver thumbtacks for pictures of friends and travels, it’s most definitely still a work in progress!

burlap pin board with more pictures